Outfit ideas

Communie outfits for Boy’s

The new collections are out and we couldn't wait ! We made some outfits for communion day… Because if you not buy it now … it may be sold out. For the boys we made a few outfits. We chose some super chic outfits with a velvet suit or a super rock vest from Stella. For the boy's who are going to church and are playing soccer in the afternoon a short and blazer are thé perfect combo. We again h[...]

Communie dresses

Engraving essence Dress:  Tutu Du Monde     Pretty Lace Shirt Dress: Marlo Kids     Closing Scene Cotton Dress: Marlo Kids   Love Mae Dress in Eventide: Nelly Stella   Corinne Dress in Cinnamon: Velveteen   Bell Dress in Red: Airfish   Isolde Dress: Tuchinda   Musical Fountain dress: Tutu Du Monde   &[...]

Rain Special – Boys

10 rainy outfits for boys: Incredible how many beautiful rain boots and coats there are ! We made a lot of combinations and still we had to choose. Get inspired while dancing in the rain! …     RAINY OUTFIT – Nº1 1 – Snow/Raincoat – Stella MCCartney – €250,00 – StellaMcCartney 2 – Boots – Crocs – €39,99 – Crocs RAINY OUTFIT – Nº2 1 – Raincoat[...]

Rain Special – Girls

10 rainy outfits for girls: Rainbow in the sky… What has more magic to it than searching for the treasure at the end of a rainbow! Get inspired by all these nice colours?. …   RAINY OUTFIT – Nº1 1 – Raincoat – Stella MCCartney – €121,00 – Smallable 2 – Boots – Bisgaard – €39,95 – Omoda RAINY OUTFIT – Nº2 1 – Raincoat – Sways – €53,63 – Sw[...]

September Style – Girls

Hi ! This week we showcase some beautifully made, very original lines of children’s clothing … Make your (kids) statement by mixing casual pieces and glamour pieces. We selected our favourites and made 3 girly outfits. We hope we can inspire you to have fun selecting your favourites and get ready for the cold day's! Enjoy <3   OUTFIT - baby 1 - Jacket - Nice things Mini - €[...]

September Style – Boy’s

Hi! We selected our favourites brands. Scanned their collection and made 3 outfits. Classic brands that spend tons off time making clothing that is —totally wearable today and also lasting for tomorrow. Mixed-and-matched prints and noticed that stripes and checkers are so HOT! Take a look around and get inspired to get your kids dressed! We hope we can help you get organized and ready for the fa[...]