Giggles Loves …

Giggles loves GREENTOM

Greentom stroller If you are looking for a stroller... we have found a great one for you! It looks so cool and even more importantly it is good for our planet ? !!! We think it is important to make sustainable choices were you can and this stroller is a winner!! Look at it! It is modern and comes in all kinds of funky colors and it is made out of recycled plastic bottles!! How great is that! I’m k[...]


  I am so in love with my newborn son!! The sixth member of our cool gang ?!! I ❤️ to dress him in gorgeous knits and we absolutely adore the brand Misha & Puff! All the pieces are knitted by hand in Peru by local ladies who knit with the softest merino wool...  not only do we like the fact that local women benefit from this collaboration but the clothes are amazing as well!! Take a l[...]

Giggles Loves … It takes two

  We ❤️ this new Antwerp based brand! Their baby blankets, pillows,... are soft and beautifully detailed. We absolutely love the fact that you can mix and match the various prints and that their collection is timeless and works in a baby room, a children's bedroom and even in your living room! Everything goes together and finishes off the look of the room! Soon they will expand their collect[...]

Giggles loves boof

Why do we love BOOF? First of all the super skinny is super skinny! Second the jogg jeans, is more than A-OK! The jogg jeans has a soft feel to it but also has the cool jeans look. For those kids that prefer the relax feel. Our personal favourite is the (girls only) シ boyfriend jeans, it's a classic! Next to the coolest shapes, every jeans has a lot of attention to details, check out the stit[...]