CARNAVAL, the dress up time of the year! I would definitely go as a sushi, SOYA COOL ?. My daughter chose her costume and this year it's gonna be princess Leia because Leia is a strong and fearless women. My son is going as Chewie (becca) a sweet but fierce beast and has a real bowcaster>> Starwars ;) Have fun looking at our inspiration and hope you'll find that one perfect costume!! E&[...]


  I am so in love with my newborn son!! The sixth member of our cool gang ?!! I ❤️ to dress him in gorgeous knits and we absolutely adore the brand Misha & Puff! All the pieces are knitted by hand in Peru by local ladies who knit with the softest merino wool...  not only do we like the fact that local women benefit from this collaboration but the clothes are amazing as well!! Take a l[...]

Patches – Pimp It

DIY Patches are so cooooool!!!!!! You can turn any simple sweater, t-shirt, jeans or backpack into a very stylish item simply by pimping it with the right patches!! It's a cheap and fairly easy way to create a cool look! Check out some of our ideas!! Hope you get inspired ;-) Patches zijn helemaal in en zo coooooool!!!! En gelukkig vrij eenvoudig aan te brengen!  Ze toveren een simpele (en b[...]

Party – Cake Toppers

My daughter's birthday is coming up and I want her to have a gorgeous birthday cake!! ?We have found a lot of ideas how to pimp a simple cake, cupcake or birthday cake on Pinterest!! You will be amazed how easy it is to create a dreamy cake just by adding a cake topper, a ? Enjoy the post!! ?E&S Mijn dochtertje verjaart bijna en ik wil voor haar een super toffe taart ?! We vonden op Pinterest h[...]